Angels & Demons Film Review

Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons


Non-stop thriller, better than its predecessor but needs something to counter-balance the action.

It is fast paced, they give you just enough knowledge to go along with the storyline but you still find yourself trying to catch up through the whole film.

If you want to enjoy this film, try to relax, have a drink before the truth is, you can still enjoy the film and not really know what is happening.

If you read the book, you will be confused and dumbfounded as to what? why? and why? it does follow it closely but not nearly like the Da Vinci Code did with the film.

Howard treats Brown’s book as a precious script to be handled carefully , get all the points in there, follow Brown’s direction and take the audience for a ride, however making it into a film has proved difficult, when reading the book you can escape into the world of the corrupt church and Robert Langdon chasing riddles, but you can always have a drink, take 5 minutes or 5 days out and pick up the book again, being stuck in the cinema with this adaptation blaring infront of you leaves you wanting some release.

Hanks does give a few comical moments but not nearly enough, it still results in a serious adaptation and serious thriller, you are left following closely behind him as he uncovers hidden meanings but his intellect may be distant from the viewer or maybe i am dumber than the rest. Where is the Indiana Jones simplicity, that you are just as surprised as Harrison Ford when he discovers the evils in the ruins and he feels the pain and limps around in khakis in contrast to Robert Langdon a  stuffy professor quoting bible scriptures and not throwing a punch at the antagonist, even if it misses, show us some fighting spirit, not just your knowledge.