Because I Said So


Because I Said SoDirector: Michael Lehmann

Producer: Paul Brooks, Jessie Nelson

ScreenPlay: Karen Leigh Hopkins, Jessie Nelson

Stars: Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht, Tom Everett Scott, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo, Stephen Collins

Rating: 3 / 5

A meddling mother (Keaton), whose love knows no bounds or boundaries,
is on a groom hunt for her daughter (Moore) so her kid won’t follow in her footsteps.
She is the proud mom of three daughters: a stable psychologist Maggie,
sexy and irreverent Mae and insecure, adorable Milly – who, when it comes to men, is nothing less than psychotic flypaper.

The film revolves around a mother and her youngest daughter whom she is trying  to set in her personal life.

Little does Milly know, however, that her mom placed an ad in the on-line personals to find a man for her. Daphne continues to do all the wrong things for the right reasons…all in the name of love for her dear daughter.

The groom hunt turns up bountiful candidates, but only one passes meet.
Jason (Tom Everett Scott), the financially successful but essentially soulless architect is picked up by Daphne for Milly, but much to her dismay Milly falls for another guy at the exact same time, the sweet, free spirited single father, Johnny (Gabriel Macht).
Milly is pinned to both men, on the one side by her heart and on the other side by her mother.Both guys are excruciatingly stereotypical, but that seems to be deliberate.

After a series of misfortune for Milly, the movie takes a wacky twist when Daphne has an all too convenient encounter with Johnny’s father, Joe (Stephen Collins).Swept off her feet, Daphne finally finds someone who can help her realize the error of her snooping ways. At the same time the chances of Milly & Johnny becoming step-brother and sister does grip your mind; but that doesn’t stand in their way.

Daphne is just concerned about Milly, her youngest daughter and she wants the right man for her. But all her efforts bring a lot of humorous disarray as she ends up making stupendous mistakes. Though her intentions as a mother are noble but she is made to realize by her daughters that excess of everything is bad even ‘Motherly Love’ and her over protectiveness.

In a scuffle of strong wills, the mother-daughter rapport is tested in all its ferocious, wacky complexity. The daughters help Daphne finally discover the truths and impossibilities of motherly love, all while trying to answer the questions: where does it begin and where should it end?
Diane Keaton has done a good job and has portrayed a near perfect behavior of a meddling mother, while Mandy Moore fits perfect in the role of a highly confused and a totally dependent girl who lacks decision-making.On the other hand the father-son pair of Stephen Collins and Gabriel Macht is just ok sort.

The far-stretched climax ends up just as predictable as you’d expect in a light-hearted comedy, where the three daughters get their mom married. An obscure and emotional abuse that pass from a normal, overprotective & overbearing mother’s love to her daughter.

Can be watched once!!