Pedro – Gone too Far?

AP / Joel Ryan

AP / Joel Ryan

Cannes, France – Pedro Almodovar, Spanish film-maker told reporters how he once recalled performing oral sex on an actress to show how he wanted it done.

“I play all the roles on set,” said Almodovar.

He is out for his latest release Broken Embraces.

“In a film I made a long time ago… I even performed cunnilingus on an actress to show the actor how to do it,” – Pedro was quoted while seated next to Penelope Cruz.

Talk about a hands on director, Pedro takes this to a new level, hands, body, feet and tongue.

“The male characters which come to [my] mind are terrible, horrible characters,” he said. “My male characters intimidated me somewhat because for a male character I had to take myself as a reference.”

He is a renowned artist and outstanding filmmaker it shows he has his own method and direction, he knows how he wants it done, he can even taste it!

His films are brilliant.