DIsney Pixar's UP

Disney/Pixar has done it again.

Seemingly with a lock on success, they have turned out another gem that will certainly become a classic. Up is the tale of two societal misfits, Carl Frederickson a widower, and Russell, a neighborhood Wilderness Explorer trying to earn his badge for assisting the elderly.
Through flashbacks we see a montage of Carl’s life which is entirely wrapped around the woman he loved since childhood. Alone now, Carl is reluctant to let go of the past and is content to spend his days mourning his wife and longing for the adventure the two of them never got to take. His solitude is disrupted by the city who wants to buy the home he shared with his wife which has now become a memorial to her to build a skyscraper and by Russell.

Russell is 8 years old and trying to earn the last badge he needs to reach the next level in his Wilderness Explorer group. Russell comes with his own baggage and the two form an unlikely bond. Setting out on an adventure to fulfill his wife’s dream, Russell and Carl travel to South America in Carl’s house carried by helium-filled balloons.
A giant, bird of unknown species named Kevin and a dog named Dug are engaging characters that help Russell and Carl learn the importance of friends and relationships. Both learn the value of letting go of the past and making room in your heart for something or someone new.
The animation is once again breathtaking as Pixar shows it’s skill in making the unbelievable believable. The movie has heart by the buckets full and only the most jaded viewer will not shed a tear or two or cheer loudly at its conclusion.