Jack Nicholson gets ready to tickle your funny bone

AP /Christophe Ena

AP /Christophe Ena

Jack Nicholson who is indebted to filmmaker James Brooks for offering him some excellent award winning roles in movies such as “As Good as it gets” and “Terms of Endearment“, has come to the rescue of his good old friend.

Nicholson will now be one of the prime characters in the untitled romantic comedy which stars Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson, where we will get to see Jack in an unusual role as the father of Reese Witherspoon.

Scripted by Brooks himself, the film is shot from Reese’s point of view; a professional softball player, who gets emotionally torn between two guys in her life Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson.

According to the rumors going around, Bill Murray was supposed to play the role that Jack has now been signed for. But things didn’t go as planned and Jack who has been bidding his time to get in front of the camera, happily stepped into the shoes of Murray.

Shooting will commence in the later part of June on the East Coast with the production responsibilities undertaken by Paula Weinstein, Laurence Mark and Julie Ansell.