Double comedy lures Sigourney Weaver

AP/Jim Cooper

AP/Jim Cooper

Looks like Sigourney Weaver is getting attracted more towards comedy roles now that she has signed Disney’s next “You Again”. While this piece of news is confirmed she is also in talks with Universal for Greg Mottola directed “Paul”; again a comedy. This comedy cellar of Weaver when opened can be a pleasant surprise for her fans.

Weaver will first shoot for “Paul” which engages Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two sci-fi fanatics who come across an alien near Area 51 and how they help it in escaping from the planet. Weaver who played the character of “Lt. Ellen Ripley” in all the four Alien films is not ready to disclose as what her role would be in this movie.

Next in Weaver’s list comes “You Again” where she is cast alongside Kristen Bell. The film is directed by Andy Fickman where Kristen will be playing the role of young woman who is returning home for her brother’s wedding and is aghast to know that he is marrying the girl who was her arch-enemy in high school. Weaver will be enacting the role of Bell’s richie-rich aunt.