Final Destination 4 Trailer Online

final-destination-4The final Destination series is back once again after a gap of 3 years.
The series seems to have followed the same sequence of releasing with a break for three years in the manner: Final Destination (March 17, 2000), Final Destination 2  (January 31, 2003), Final Destination 3  (February 10, 2006) and now ‘The Final Destination 4′ is all set to hit theatres in August, 2009, where the trailer of the movie is now available online.

The fourth installment of the Final Destination series is in 3D. Directed by David R Ellis and scripted by Eric Bress, the movie has a starcast: Krista Allen, Nick Zano, Mykelti Williamson and Bobby Campo.

Nick O’Bannon (Bobby Campo) gets a horrifying premonition in which
a weird sequence of events causes multiple race cars to crash which sends flaming debris into the stands.The result is brutal killings of his friends causing the upper deck of the stands collapsing on him.
He comes out of his nightmare, persuades friends to move seats, avoiding disaster, only to find his frightening vision turning an awful truth.
All of them start believing that they have cheated death, but it does not happen so.
The game seems to have just begun for Nick and Lori. Same incidences happen, where the premonitions continue coming true. The crash survivors die one-by-one causing fright.
On learning all the incidences, Nick ultimately makes up his mind to cheat death before his turn comes. But did he manage to do so will be revealed, once the movie gets released….
A recurring theme in each film is the concept of truly defeating Death.