Preview and First Look of Kites at Cannes 2009


Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt Ltd

Rakesh Roshan, Sunaina Roshan

Anurag Basu

Star Cast
Hrithik Roshan, Kangna Ranaut, Barbara Mori, Kabir Bedi and Nick Brown

Music Director
Rajesh Roshan

Now that the strike has ended with both the warring parties producers and multiplex owners signing in to the official deal, there are quite a handful of movies in Bollywood that are bidding their time to appear on the big screen. Of all of the interesting ones, my favorite one has to be “Kites”. Its one of the few movies that has both an Indian and International version getting a worldwide opening on October 16.

Rumor stories are always in abundance; especially when the film is going to be showcased in an International Film Festival (in this case Cannes). This one didn’t have an escape either with stories going around about how Kangana Ranaut wasn’t invited to Cannes, romantic liaison between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori and Susanne Roshan stomping out of the house after hearing about the affair. I guess Susanne must be laughing about this whole creative imagination of some reporter, considering Hrithik Roshan has got quite a reputation as a family man.

‘Kites’ was well promoted at the Cannes with Hrithik Roshan (lead role), Rakesh Roshan (director) and Barbara Mori (lead actress) playing their role perfectly to the T at cocktail events and press conferences. They even had purchased time slots for to screen the KITES teaser on two digital screens right next to the red carpet entrance of the Palais where generally big budget Hollywood films are showcased.

As far the story goes, hopefully it won’t disappoint because Hrithik Roshan has the habit of going into hibernation after his last release and coming back with a bang with a good package. Barbara Mori-Hrithik Roshan kissing scene has garnered enough publicity for the first day-first show, without people even knowing what the story is all about. So here’s the premise:

‘Kites’ is all about the passionate love story between Barabara and Hrithik with him playing the role of a J; a salsa dance instructor who falls in love with Natasha. Natasha is already engaged to another person, but yet changes J’s life forever transforming him from a cheerful young man to a person besotted with the woman in his life.
J and Natasha when they first met knew exactly what was destined to happen ‘Love at first sight’, but with a turbulent future. Wrong circumstances and consequent fights with Natasha result in J’s face off with death, but he is not yet ready to confront what he is going to discover. Which of course is the climax of the movie and has been kept under wraps.

The story transcends boundaries and cultures as a script and also in real life with Barbara; a Mexican actress not knowing a word of Hindi before the shooting started. This movie of intense love, passion and betrayal is sure to make hearts flutter when it releases.

Comments (5)

  1. Finally the preview of ‘Kites’is here hunn!!
    Well the ‘Hrtik-Barbara’ on & offscreen chemistry has already created a lot of hype in the Bollywood circle, we are just waiting to see the couple tapping their feet onscreen :)

  2. Hey, i guess the movie is going to release in two languages: One for the Mexican audience & the other for our very own Bollywood…Lets hope East meets west!!

  3. Wow!! Hritik is making news all over the Latin American audience, especially amongst the film distributors and casting groups over there, just after the first look of Kites trailer made open at Cannes…
    We always knew this Bollywood heartthrob no doubt has miles to go… With kites fever all over, and the west finally discovering his potential, Hritik, whose face seem to resemble Jesus Christ to them, will soon fetch the Oscar back home… :)

  4. Hrithink as a salsa dance instructor?…hmmm..i can already see dreamy-eyed girls lining up the box office counter..A super shot success…

  5. Hrithik Roshan just tattooed his wife Sussane’s name on his prove his! was that the Barbara Mori effect..?

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