Pixar’s latest film is a bomb of adventure and comedy that will surely entertrain everyone. With very well rounded characters that are each very funny in their own way, “Up” creates a mildly compelling story that will more than once bring tears to your eyes, not only of laughter but also for the tenderness that the main character constantly evokes though his actions.

Here we have an old man, a cranky widower, who has lost his wife and reluctantly keeps on living. When he is forced to abandon the house he has lived in all his life, he decides to attach a lot of ballons to the roof of the house and just fly away to South America.  There he will encounter a graciously clumsly bird, a pack of semi-intelligent dogs and a long lost adventurer. But what really makes this a great movie are not the frantic action sequences but the motive behind the old man’s journey.

As always, Pixar’s animations are top notch. The movements, textures and colors are all masterfully done. Perhaps the initial amazement people went through with the first computed animated movies is all gone, but the stories remain solid.

Overall, it is fair to say that this film will appeal to adults and children alike thanks to it quirky but also sentimental tone. Check it out.