DreamWorks dreams of haunting cinema goers

AP / Sandro Pace

AP / Sandro Pace

DreamWorks is tumbling in ghost related projects one after another with the latest untitled one being set for a 4th quarter 2012 release.
Initially named as “Boo U.” the studio has signed in writer Jon Vitti of “The Simpsons Movie” for scripting the screenplay. Not exactly a horror film, the film is about a ghost who isn’t able to do his job of scaring people correctly so is sacked back to ghost school. The film has been set to a temporary release date of Nov 12, unless “The Croods” or “The Truckers” score more for an earlier date.
Tony Leondis of “Igor” fame will direct the project while Gil Netter and Courtney Pledger will act as executive producers on behalf of DreamWorks.

There was another ghost project that being talked about in the industry named “Freakers”; a ghost story scripted by Joe Syracuse & Lisa Addario. But the draft written ghost’s point of view has been currently stalled. However there’s a third ghost story in the pipeline of which details are yet to be finalized.
DreamWorks sequels of “Puss in Boots” and “Madagascar” are finalized to release in 2012 where Antonia Banderas has pitched in his voice for the nutty cat. Both these movies are being made using 3D animation with the help of InTru3D. “Monsters vs. Aliens,” which was DreamWorks last release has grossed $362 million worldwide.

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