The Proposal

The Proposal is a fun, romantic comedy starring two of today’s best actor, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It follows the usual path but the twists and curves it takes make The Proposal a fun trip. Bullock plays Margaret Tate, an uptight book publishing executive who has little time for social niceties or even human emotion. Reynolds plays Andrew Tate, her long-suffering assistant who’s hoping to survive her brutality just long enough to carve out a career of his own.
Unfiled paperwork leaves Margret facing imminent deportation unless she can force Andrew into agreeing to marry her. Fearing for his job, he agrees but son realizes the situation has given him the upper hand. Not one to miss an opportunity, he seizes it and secures the promise of a promotion to editor. This is where the stars really shine. Bullock has been absolutely perfect as the bitch-on-wheels her employees see her as. Reynolds is spot-on as the dedicated though grudging assistant. Each transform’s into someone else as their circumstance force them to spend time together and to look below the exterior surface.
The comedy in this film is the best I’ve seen all year. Trailers usually hit the high spots leaving little left to audiences. The trailers in this case are only teasers and the comedic scenes resonate with the talent of the actors. Betty White shares a scene in the woods with Bullock that will have you just rolling.
The Proposal has no great plot twists and is even mostly predictable. Still, this collection of actors makes you forget that and you are swept up in their story. An excellent date night movie.
Rating 4 out 5