New York

newyork_posterFilm: New York
Star Cast: John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Irrfan Khan
Director: Kabir Khan
Rating: 3/5

Shot completely in the US, New York can be easily considered to be one of the ‘must watch’ films. Though it is not on the same level as the best of the Hollywood films, the film is made in the same style with a completely different understanding that the Bollywood viewers are not used to. Achieving a high grade in its acting department, the star cast has given their best performances for the film. John Abraham, usually recognized as an expressionless actor, comes up with his career’s best act, Neil, as usual, was quite good at everything, Katrina Kaif seems to have taken a complete advantage of the role assigned to her, swaying herself off with the emotional scenes and yes, Irrfan Khan is in a complete great form, being the only one who does not disappoint you in the whole film.

New York comes up with the most recent themes, flawlessly exposing the crafty and cunning ways of the American FBI wherein a lot of innocent Muslim people have been fallen pray to post 9/11. Daunting around three friends Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh), Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Samir (John Abraham), meeting at the New York University and then moving apart because Samir and Maya fall in love. Omar silently walks away from the scene. After a few years, Omar is pulled up by the FBI and is held in custody for arms brought to being in his own taxi. This was a planned move set up by Roshan, FBI officer (Irrfan) and his boss so that Omar works as an undercover agent and creep into the family of Maya (Katrina) and Samir (John). Roshan wants to catch Samir red handed who has been suspected of operating a sleeper terrorism cell. Left with no other choice, Omar meets up Maya and Samir who have a small kid Danielle. Here starts the whole film, wherein the audiences try to find out whether Samir is a real terrorist or has been picked up by the FBI to do so and if he is one then can Omar stop him from doing so.

Fantastic in a few parts, the first half is directed fantastically, it actually makes one guess as to what will happen next, but after intermission, in the next half part, however does not patch up with the first. Things are predictable in the second half, and that takes away the excitement of the film. Filled in with some nice moments, the climax is truly a superb shot making you actually jump out from your chair! Moreover, Pritam’s music is something that goes on with ease with the film’s proceedings.

Don’t miss the movie if you getting the tickets for it!!!