Sankat City

sankat_city_movie_posterDirector: Pankaj Advani
Producer: MoserBaer Entertainment Ltd. and 7 Entertainment Ltd.
Written By: Pankaj Advani
Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Rimmi, Anupam Kher

Sankat City is a comedy Bollywood Hindi movie directed by Pankaj Advani that was released in India on July 10, 2009. The film is a dark comedy with all grey characters in the city of Mumbai that falls in the same genre of crime-comedy movies like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and to the more recent Hindi film 99.

Script written by Debutante director Pankaj Advani, Sankat city emerges into a good story which is somewhat weird, humorous, creepy and at the same time untamed where the director has successfully managed to bind you with his multiple character-driven plot and multi-dimensional narrative.

Guru (Kay Kay Menon) and Ganpat (Dilip Prabhawalkar) are two small time car thieves who steal a Mercedes along with sum of Rs. 10 million inside the car on one night; unaware of the fact that car belongs to a vicious gangster called Faujdaar (Anupam Kher). When the duo tries to sell the stolen Mercedes to Suleman Supari (Rahul Dev), a hitman recognizes the car and notifies his friend Faujdaar who then sends his henchman with Guru to get back the cash. In the meantime, Ganpat hides cash in the safe place, but looses his memory after meeting with an accident. On getting angry by the chain of events, Faujdaar gives three days to Guru to return the money.

With only 3 days to return the money, Guru stumbles upon Mona (Rimmi), his ex-partner in crime where they further plan a new con together, win a couple of crores and continue to loose, gain and gamble through recurrent twists and turns in the plot.

By the end, you realize that every character in the film is integrally interlinked to the story and exploited effectively. The south Indian item number is the most comical part of the movie which is more of a merry-go-round drive with several characters circularly connected to each other through multiple money rotations. Though appears crazy, the storyline, too many characters with too many plots and sub-plots with numerous twists fortunately sums up into fun that lasts throughout the movie.

Memory loss, childhood brothers reuniting after years, etc. are bollywood’s age-old themes that have managed to capture the audience’s minds for so long that their repetitive usage makes the story quite predictable. But here, it doesn’t seem so as the repeated coincidences keeps the story moving ahead.

Cinematography by Chirantan Das appropriately captures the hurried life and distressed mood of the Mumbai city with a gritty effect in several frames. The music isn’t that catchy but is restricted only to the background and the screenplay thankfully doesn’t end up into any romantic track. Kay Kay Menon has managed the comedy front effectively with his natural act while Rimmi has kept herself aloof from bollywood’s usual saucy and bubbly con-women image where she effortlessly switches her speech from Hindi to Bengali. Anupam Kher’s negative role neither appears as a complete comic nor a concentrated villain. Amongst the other characters Dilip Prabhawalkar, Yashpal Sharma, Manoj Pahwa, Virendra Saxena and chunky pandey merely adds to the screen space.

A visit to the Sankat City is surely a journey towards pure entertainment.