“Jail” Preview, Movie Stills and Video release

AP Photo/Vincent Yu

AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Manoj Bajpai, Mugdha Godse
Director/Writer: Madhur Bhandarkar
Music: Shamir Tandon, Sharib and Toshi Sabri
Release Date: October 23, 2009

Madhur Bhandarkar’s new entry in the experimental cinema category will either take it to an altogether new level of aestheticism or receive flak from Bollywood pundits and masses for Neil Nitin Mukesh’s jail scene where frontal nudity has been prominently featured. But Madhur’s previously realistic outlook towards his subjects has always invoked enough curiosity, critical clap and praise from a select class of viewers. Hopefully, Jail will be as well received as his earlier film like Fashion, Page 3, Corporate, etc. The movie is slated to be released on October 23, 2009 with Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mugdha Godse in the leads.

Preview:  Parag Dixit (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is enjoying all the perks that life has slated for him. An ambitious career plan charted for himself and a loving girlfriend Manasi (Mugdha Godse) by his side to support him in his every move. But life takes an ugly twist with a series of unfortunate events that lands Parag in jail. The authenticity of Indian jails and inhumanitarian treatment subjected to its inmates forms the crux of the story. Politics, corruption and tortured prisoners which include him shatter Parag’s soul. He now has only two choices; either be submissive and be blind to the going ons or retaliate and fight against the system!

Theatrical Trailer of ‘Jail’

Movie Stills:


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  1. If there’s a nude scene of Neil Nitin Mukesh in ‘Jail’ then that’s really daring of Madhur Bhandarkar. Whether its vulgar or aesthetic time will tell also how the public accepts it.

  2. So many innocent people are locked up behind bars, just because they couldn’t prove their innoncence or have the money to bribe any politican or the police. If the movie depicts the ‘real truth’ it will be a good slap on the government officials where terrorists get 5-star treatment in jails and innocent are battered for no rhyme or reason.

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