Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Film: Harry Potter and the Half  Blood Prince
Fantasy / Science-Fiction
Star Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Michael Gambon, Jim Broadbent, Helena Bonham-Carter, David Bradley, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Helen McCrory, Hero Fiennes Tiffin
Composer: Nicholas Hooper
Screenwriter: Steve Kloves
Director: David Yates
Producer: David Heyman, David Barron
Studio: Warner Bros.
Rating 3.5/5

All the kids have grown up and ready to handle the serious issues of loss, gain and mortality in the sixth part of the Harry Potter sequel. Fantastically made, the movie is a bit less whimsical than its previous entries. David Yates has displayed an increased level of confidence by enfolding more of the real world inside the archaic chattering house, messenger owls and child’s fantasy by replacing it with raging teenage hormones, school security checks and underground tea flirtation. All the sets have been replaced to lay emphasize on the gray medieval character than the Hogwarts’ fairy-book concepts. Also the enforced Quidditch match has been staged excellently as compared with the before entries of the movie.

It is hard to check out the Half Blood Prince without watching or reading its series before. Followeing its last picture of Dolores Umbridge’s villainess and Lord Voldemort’s Muggle and wiarding worlds, the movie starts up with a Death Eater attack that makes the Hogwarts as an unsafe place to be in. Both Dumbledore and Harry work together to find the key that can unlock Voldemort’s defenses. While Dumbledore filches Harry to take on Horace Slughorn as a new potions professor, Harry fears that dangers may lie within the castle itself. Dumbledore believes that Professor Horace Slughorn has got some crucial information. In the mean time, the students are under an attack from teenage hormones rage, a completely different adversary. Harry and Dean Thomas both find themselves drawn towards Ginny, according to Lavender Brown, Ron will be hers and Draco Malfoy has made up his mind to commit a scandalous crime in an attempt to overlay Voldemorts’ comeback. Finally there comes Hermoine who is filled in with jealousy by does not show her feelings. As the romantic environment continues to blossom up, one of the student walks out in an attempt to make his mark, though not a big one! Albeit love is making its way in, but tragedy is somewhere ahead making Hogwarts completely different.

Extremely clean and clear headed, the movie stands on high when compared with the before five of the sequel. Yes, the specifics of Dumbledore’s final quest with Harry can be a bit confusing to the new ones. (I know there will be very few new ones at this stage but still!!!). Levying the romantic jumble is not so much fun when compared to the physical changes undergone in the kid actors. All the actors have looked undoubtedly matured onscreen. Malfoy has become taller than Harry who appears to be the shortest one in the whole cast. Ron, Rupert Grint has looked older than all the others, Ginny, Bonnie Wright is very much simple throughout and Hermoine, Emma Watson has grown to be a beautiful and attractive young lady.

Tremendously entertaining, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is definitely not to be missed for all the Harry Potter fans!!!

Comments (9)

  1. Its not engrossing as its earlier prequels, but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price provides a good bridge to what the ending sequel will be like. And for me the end should always be the best.

  2. Hogwarts looks empty without the master and Hagrid but I really doubt as to how the remaining Horcruxes will be discovered that leaves us wondering as to how many more sequels will be made before the final destruction of the evil Lord Voldemort that will break his immortal status where till date with the six parts only two Horcruxes have been destroyed, viz-Tom Riddle’s diary, and his mother’s ring…

  3. ‘Fantastically made’?? Well no question about the technicalities & the creative part that has always been striking but this sixth installment of the Harry potter series was not even near to the aspect- ‘definitely not to be missed’ or ‘tremendously entertaining’??

  4. The film just appears to be a sheer extension that seems to have postponed the ultimate suspense of the end of evil i.e. Lord Voldemort, where now the old professor Dumbledore gets killed at the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts via a dirty plot planned through an unbreakable vow between professor Snape with Draco’s mother, that gratuitously pushes Draco Malfoy who fails to do so.

  5. The mysterious comeback of Potions professor Slughorn does reveal the suspense about Voldemort’s immortality where earlier the professor had erased his memory about the memories of a young Tom Riddle and retains a memory critical to Voldemort’s defeat. Also Harry’s ultimate effort to retrieve it using Felix Felicis on Dumbledore’s insistence falls like a shock as we get to know how Voldemort succeeded in seeking information by creating six Horcruxes that has been safeguarding his soul granting him immortality till all the 6 Horcruxes are destroyed.

  6. Well, Timothy
    You dont seem to be a Harry Potter fan! Its written clearly ‘definitely not to be missed for all the Harry Potter fans!!!’ so if you are not a Harry Potter fan you will not like it since you did not see the earlier installments of the sequel. I think the movie is really fantastic, better than its earlier sequels :)

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