SurrogatesSurrogates gives us a glimpse of what life could become if we continue to rely on electronic means for our social interaction.
The movie takes place in the future at a time when society has come to rely on surrogates to live their lives. Humans remain secluded, hermit-like in their homes having minimal contact with one another, even spouses. Their younger-looking, attractive surrogates, robots go to work, run errands, socialize, engage in the equivalent of robotic-drug-taking and even have sex for them.
When a surrogate is viciously attacked and destroyed on the street, his user is also killed through the connection. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Willis, playing an FBI detective, takes on the case, through his surrogate of course. The identity of the user is revealed to be the college-student son of the creator of the surrogates and the case gets underway. Our hero discovers the only way to get to the bottom of things is to venture out into the world himself, sans a surrogate. He hasn’t been outside in years and the adjustment is difficult.
His marriage is in shambles after the death of his son some time back. He longs for his human wife (Rosamund Pike)but she cannot face life without her surrogate.
A group of subversive humans who refuse to accept the new order of things and oppose surrogacy seem to have a hand in things. The movie ambles on, revealing clues and hints, but not really generating intense suspense. In the end, although it’s enjoyable, it’s somewhat predictable.