Couples Retreat

Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and Jon Favreau and an ensemble cast kill in Couple’s Retreat, a comedy for anyone who’s ever been married.

couples_retreatFour couples set out on a journey of marital self-discovery and learn some things about each other and themselves along the way.

Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman are a couple struggling with infertility issues. The tension has created a serious strain on their 8-year marriage. They’ve desperate to try an amazing couple’s therapy program set in a tropical paradise island but the price is out of their reach unless they can convince their friends to commit to a group deal that begins next week.

Kristin Davis and Jan Favreau, high school sweethearts who conceived their one and only daughter on prom night are counting the days until their daughter turns 18 and they can call it quits on their marriage. Barely speaking to each other anymore, they have both developed roving eyes.

Malin Aikerman and Vince Vaughn are caught up in the business of everyday life. Seemingly oblivious to the rut they are in, the pair seems content with their lot in life and decides to go on the trip as the honeymoon they never had.

Faizon Love plays a man divorced from his wife a year ago and struggling to find his place in the world without hr. He has a twenty-year old girlfriend who is wearing him out. He brings her along just because he wants to go with his buddies and needs a partner to qualify as a couple

Once on the island, the fun really begins. The previews did not give away the only funny scenes in this movie. The shark scene and yoga scene are hysterical as are the vignettes of each couple working privately with their therapists. The group must complete their program together in order to partake of all the island has to offer.

Stress in the Bateman/Bell marriage comes to a head causing a rift the others try desperately to mend so they can finish their programs and enjoy the rest of the vacation. The therapist working with Vaughn/Aikerman has them beginning to doubt their relationship and for a brief moment in the movie, you’re not sure who is going to come out of this still a couple. There is one scene of passion that will change how you look at Jason Bateman.

They movie is a humorous, realistic look at married life and the lengths people will go to save a marriage or escape from it.