Taking Woodstock

taking-woodstock-posterFilm: Taking Woodstock
Star Cast: Demetri Martin, Dan Folger, Henry Goodman, Jonathan Groff, Eugene Levy, Imelda Staunton, Emile Hirsch, Liev Schreiber
Costume Designer: Joseph G. Aulisi
Screenplay: James Schamus
Cinematographer: Eric Gautier
Set Designer: David Gropman
Music: Danny Elfman
Editor: Tim Squyres
Director: Ang Lee
Producers: Ang Lee, James Schamus
Run Time: 2 hrs
Rating: 2.5/5
Comedy, Music

Directed by the Award-winning director Ang Lee, Taking Woodstock is a comedy movie based on the life story of Elliot Tiber. Though the movie delivers a thoughtful, playful and amusing approach to the things happening backstage during one of the 60’s great events, Taking Woodstock seems to be a bit disappointing.

The movie completely focuses on the knowledge and skills of a conservative youngster who lives an unexciting and most predictable life with his parents. The only eccentric part in his life is the group of hippies living in his shed and just enough to unease the life of his tyrant mother. But Elliot gets a chance to realize his world when he meets up a music producer (Jonathan Groff) who wishes to arrange the Woodstock Music concert just because there is a lot of joy inside the world of music and he wants to share the joy with his world.

The screenplay of James Schamus’ showcases the efforts of Elliot Tiber to save his Jewish émigré family’s motel, which is on its last legs in New York, who took a lot of efforts to launch the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in the year 1969. Also, Demetri Martin depicts Elliot quite well without any of his comic ticks. But, the movie fails to bring up the villains in its story. Town folks get incensed for the fear that the hippies will strip their money during the day and rape their cows during the night. Also, the local gangsters searching for fortification money are kicked off by Elliot’s father with a baseball bat.

The movie performs well in encapsulating the mass of Woodstock with its crowds and vehicles, but does not convince you with the fact that it is a big event that changed everything.