Rachel Weisz to star in Dream House along with Daniel Craig


Known for her character of a Cairo librarian and aspiring Egyptologist in ‘The Mummy’, a 1999 American adventure film, the Oscar-winning British actress Rachel Weisz will now star in Universal’s new thriller- ‘Dream House’.

Rachel, who also won Academy Award for her role in 2005 film-‘The Constant Gardener‘ will work alongside British ‘James Bond’ Daniel Craig and Australian actress- Naomi Watts.

To be directed by Oscar-nominated Irish film-maker Jim Sheridan, the film has a screenplay by David Loucka.

It is a story of a family where Craig will be seen as a publisher, who decides to give up the rat race in New York. He then gets transferred along with his family to a pleasant New England town where the real adventure begins. Soon they discover that their beautiful new home which they purchase from an estate agent was the  scene of a brutal mother and her two children. Naomi Watts is playing a neighbor, who supposedly knew the victims and hopefully proves to be helpful.

Weisz, is a current Olivier Award nominee for her performance in A Streetcar Named Desire. She was most recently seen in the Peter Jackson-directed drama ‘The Lovely Bones.’

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  1. Wow, the charming beauty Rachel Weisz to star besides the Bond Daniel Craig..Gonna watch this flick for sure, even though the story seems quite predictable..

  2. It really feels good to see Rachel in a new flick and that too opposite bond!! I wonder how this pair will look onscreen. A tough guy besides a charming delicate lady.. 😛

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