Activists cover up Hollywood’s landmark sign


With so much action by the environmentalists these days, the Hollywood’s legendary landmark sign too has now been sheltered with panels that read- ‘Save the Peak’. It was an action taken by a conservation group wherein the motive is to actually protect the bordering land from getting urbanized into lavish residences. Thus, it is believed that this is nothing but a part of the group’s fund-raising drive.

The conservation group is basically a San Francisco-based Trust for Public Land which was given authorization to cover up the iconic sign with red lettering until next Tuesday. Come what may, it is good to see that the tourist attraction mark will get protection in one way.

“We want to raise the visibility of it, so people will support our campaign to save the peak, to save the land,” Trust for Public Land spokesman Tim Ahern said at a ceremony.

The landmark sign on Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills has always been a centre of attraction to millions of people who visit the city for the love of films and simply to get a glimpse of the celebrities.