A long awaited movie directed by Anurag Basu, Kites boosts up a love story crossing up the linguistic barriers along with hosting a blend of Indian curry spiced up with some Mexican nachos. A romantic anecdote between an Indian and Mexican, Kites is just worth a one time watch, only if you do not expect your popcorn to remain crispy, crusty and crunchy throughout the movie.

No doubt, the director has managed to bind up their hesitant love beautifully with the fiery looks in their eyes that catches up the fire in the storyline, Kites lacks a lot of things. The story moves about Jai and Natasha, two street hustlers running for their lives from two rich siblings, who they have dumped for their love. Jay (Hrithik Roshan) lives in the tramples of the by-lanes of Las Vegas. He happens to marry the umpteen girls for their green card and unfortunately, Linda (Barbara Mori) turns up to be one of his abandoned wives. Sparks tend to fly out as they meet up again, but this time not as singles but as two committed people who have committed to two other people, Gina and Tony (Kangana Ranaut and Nick Brown), for their money.  But soon, the couple discover their love and flee off having the rich brother and sister duo retaliate on them any moment seen on the streets. Unfortunately, the second half lacks its twist and makes the movie predictable as it unfolds some boring chasing and romantic scenes.

The director has tried to slip in some emotional touches, but the lack of sizzle in between the duo does not give the scenes the feel. There is a grand texture and visual feel the cinematography by Ayananka Bose. The rain-sopping climax along with Hrithik stitching up Barabara’s arm hiding behind the rocks is truly a worth shot but the lack of a hot bonding brings up a cold feel to the scene. Though, Barbara boosted out a complete feisty look and Hrithik turned up to be staggeringly handsome, unfortunately both the actors were just passable with a lack of emotions, passion and inferno. One actually feels sorry about the admirable Kangana who was dropped down to a speechless accomplice, almost throughout the movie. Playback by Rajesh Roshan does not seem to give a tang because of the repetitive background score given by Salim-Suleiman. Regarding the styling, Barbara, though looked good, disappeared within a flash time in a bikini. Hrithik guised cool throughout the movie, but putting him up in traditional Mexican attire was terrible.

Due to lack of story, chemistry and unfortunately twist, the movie, which could have been a cross-over movie that Bollywood was dreaming about since a very long time, unfortunately went down before it took off and flew!