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Ant-Man is just around the corner, and while the semi-strange film about a “superhero” who can make himself very small might not pull that many people into the comic world, this one is a very big deal for Marvel.

It’s a film that has been in production hell for a long time, and one that seemed to many a lot more interesting when Edgar Wright was involved, but it’s a movie that is going to set the stage for the future of Marvel films, precisely because it is a film that seems so goofy, about a character that – from your average non-comic-fan perspective – makes no sense. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy was a gamble, Ant-Man is an even bigger one. If it works, and can pull in numbers better than what covers the people who are going to see any Marvel film, then the doors really open.

It’s such a big deal, that James Gunn is willing to go utterly silly for its promotion. Well, fairly silly anyway. He went on Facebook to tell the world that it’s in the top three Marvel films, which is something that is insanely hard to believe. It’s so hard to believe that it’s hard to believe he believes it.

That said, with the release right around the corner, there’s a new clip that gives the entire scene of the first trip into tininess.

If the film does have serious positives going in, among them is the complete wackiness of casting Paul Rudd as an action hero. He has the charisma to pull off sucking you in for a while, but at some point the story has to keep things going, and I wonder if it can.

But, the clip is fun.

Ant-Man Clip

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