See the Full Movie Page Suicide Squad Trailer Bootlegs Its Way To Official Release, And Warner Bros. Isn’t Happy


Suicide Squad was a big draw at Comic-Con, which isn’t surprising, since it might as well have been created just for the purpose of having something to show off at Comic-Con, but the popularity didn’t go so well for the film’s director (and Warner Bros.) when the footage shown to the Hall H crowd quickly showed up on the internet.

Writer/director David Ayer wasn’t pleased –

Warner Bros. was similarly not thrilled, or at least claimed not to be thrilled, but they’ve released the footage officially now.

This is actually a tricky point in the world of film marketing, because as much as Warner Bros. wants to portray unhappiness at “bootlegging” material, it’s just a trailer, which was going to be available for free anyway, just like it is now. On the other hand, Ayer has a point about fans who go to conventions, who don’t stand in line, or go to conventions, so they can get awesome sneaks that they would see online five minutes later.

That out of the way, it’s an interesting trailer, and one that clearly may not have been released exactly in this form, because it isn’t the best trailer you’ve ever seen. The film is still in production, so there’s obviously only so much to work with, and a more cohesive representation of the story may have been in the works.

At any rate, it looks good, and Margot Robbie is obviously destined to take over the world. But, it’s an odd movie, with a spin on what we’re used to seeing, and I’m not sure Will Smith is impressing me in this footage.

Take a look, and let me know what you think.


The Suicide Squad trailer was one of the big events at Comic Con during the Saturday morning Warner Bros. panel in Hall H. The footage was quickly bootlegged, and became a sensation online. Now writer/director David Ayer has worked some magic to get Warner Bros. to do an official release, and you can watch the Suicide Squad trailer — not bootlegged, and in great quality

Source: Suicide Squad Trailer: Watch the Comic Con Sensation

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