See the Full Movie Page FilmReview Podcast Ep. 155 – Fantastic Four, News, And More


Marc and Shane take a look at Fantastic Four, and let you know if it’s worth your ticket money.

We had a bit of a go at the director, because how could you not? But, I don’t know if we bothered as much as we might have, because the film wasn’t really worth it.

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There wasn’t much news worth covering this week, and we were busy reeling from not only the film, but the director’s odd throwdown, so we mainly stuck to the film.

The News! Well, we didn’t look at a lot of news, but there was still some there. Mostly, we begged for people to set us up for more Critic Takedowns.

Review (15:00)

We didn’t love this one, but there was a lot to cover, especially because we could at least see the potential.

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