See the Full Movie Page Jurassic World Director Takes Verbal Battering From Star Wars Fans

Jurassic World

The release of the long awaited Jurassic World movie earlier this year caused a stir across the globe – and not necessarily for the right reasons. While some people thought that the movie was brilliant and well worth waiting for, many others expressed deep-seated disappointment, claiming that the movie was a flop. Of course, as expected, the film broke box office records, as many fans and curious moviegoers had been eagerly awaiting its release.

It has now been announced that the director of Jurassic World, Colin Trevorrow, will also be directing the 2019 final Star Wars movie, Episode IX, and this has caused an outcry amongst fans. After the announcement was made, many Star Wars fans were fuming. Some made it clear that they thought Jurassic World was, and would continue to be, the worst movie of 2015, adding that he had ruined the Jurassic Park franchise, and would now do the same to Star Wars. One upset Star Wars fan even went as far as to say that the announcement ruined his whole life.

The marmite effect of Jurassic World

There is no doubt that there was something of a marmite effect when it came to the Jurassic World movie, with some people loving it and others hating it. Either way, the movie made an impact not just in the entertainment world but also in other circles. All sorts of Jurassic World related merchandise has been released since the movie came out and this has continued to enjoy huge popularity despite mixed reactions to the movie.  There have been movie posters, clothing and toys based around Jurassic World, and these continue to enjoy impressive sales levels.

The popularity of the movie has also reached into other areas such as the gaming sector. For example, gaming sites such as Betsafe now offer access to a Jurassic World slot game. One of a range of virtual slots available from Betsafe.

 The movie itself grossed nearly $1 billion at the box office following its recent release, but despite this astounding success, not everyone was impressed with either the movie or the choice of director. Star Wars fans are now waiting with bated breath for what they expect to be a disastrous final Star Wars movie.



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