See the Full Movie Page FilmReview Podcast Ep. 156 – American Ultra Review, News, And More


Marc and Shane take a look at American Ultra, and let you know if it’s worth your ticket money.

The question here is whether or not a screwball trailer can get people in seats (or should), and can Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart pull off this madcap adventure. It’s still hard to say, and we’ve seen the thing.

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We didn’t have a lot of news – except for Man of Steel, and Indiana Jones – because we had to save a lot of time for our somewhat special Critic Takedown. We also revisited some of last week’s news, so that was a bit odd.

The News! Well, I just said that we didn’t do much, but we did ramble on for a while about how we have two films in a row that are connected to another film. Also, we rambled about how Fall TV kills our ability to find good movies this time of year.

Review (15:00)

We couldn’t really get this one past generally average ratings, though both of us wished we could. It has some very strong scenes, and there’s a lot of potential, but it mostly goes wrong, especially as we enter the third act. I might have gone in with high hopes that skewed my vision, but it’s ultimately very forgettable.

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Critic Takedown (50:00)

Richard Brody of The New Yorker gets a double whammy from us this week as he put himself out as nearly the only low rating for two films that were on my Top 10 list of 2014. He even mentions the fact in one of the reviews.

Richard Brody’s We Are The Best! Review

Richard Brody’s Force Majeure Review

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