See the Full Movie Page Do You Have Mixed Feelings About The Upcoming Star Wars Film? There’s Therapy For That

Star Wars Therapy
courtesy Funny or Die

Sure, fans are celebrating the release of a new film in the Star Wars franchise, and just as many are celebrating the fact that they can now get a whole new slew of Star Wars baubles when they visit DisneyWorld, but the world that is the life of a Star Wars fan isn’t all fun and games.

What if you aren’t a huge JJ Abrams fan? What if you’re scared of Jar Jar Binks? What if you don’t love Girls, and wrap your head around that goof from that show being a Sith Lord?

Well, Funny or Die has a solution for you in the form of therapy.

Take a look below and watch what happens when the nervous and heartbroken get together to share the trauma that has been their disappoint with various aspects of the franchise.



Star Wars Therapy




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