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Knight of Cups

The Hollywood lifestyle has a notorious reputation. Palm trees, parties, drugs, sex, and of course, instant stardom. There have been plenty of films that have put life in Tinseltown under the microscope. Coming early next year, acclaimed director Terrence Malik will apply his eccentric filmmaking style to tell a tale about the most eccentric of lifestyles.

Christian Bale takes the spotlight at the protagonist and titular character in Knight of Cups (a Tarot card reference for those who wish to Google it). In the first trailer, Bale narrates the two minute sizzle of fast moving dramatic scenes, booming sound effects and intense score. He plays a man who comes to Hollywood and finds everything he could have wanted, but not love. Somewhere along the way, he “forgets the man I wanted to be.”

Also from the trailer we get a sense of the frantic, yet personal cinematography the film will utilize. It seems the audience will not merely take the customary safe and pedestrian viewpoint of the film. Malik appears determined to put us alongside the Knight for the chaotic and emotionally draining ride. It’s too early to tell how effective this will be from the first clip, but it can be almost assured the film will be an experience viewers will talk about (whether they love the film, hate it, or fall somewhere in between).

A solid cast including Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Brian Dennehy, and Joel Kinnaman will be along for the wild ride. The film has already done the festival circuit and received mixed reviews from critics including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Guardian.

Knight of Cups is scheduled for US theatrical release on March 4, 2016.


Knight of Cups Trailer




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