Year in Review: Our Top Reviewed Films Of 2015


With 2015 officially in the books, it’s time for reflection. These past twelve months saw box office revenue jump as audiences were thrilled by plenty of sequels, reboots, and remakes. Some have become regular entries over the past few years (Avengers, James Bond, Mission Impossible) while other films brought back some of our favorites heroes from extended hiatus (Mad Max and Star Wars).

But through all the predictable fare, Hollywood did surprise us with a few original gems. Some of biggest filmmakers in the world put out some notable work including Steven Spielberg, George Miller, and Ridley Scott. However, 2015 might ultimately be remembered for the contributions of the most talented up-and-coming directors for a new generation including Ryan Coogler, Alex Garland, Shira Piven, and Tom McCarthy.

Here are some of the top reviewed films here at Film Review for 2015:


Mad Max: Fury Road

It took director George Miller thirty years to bring Max Rocksteady back to the big screen. After the troubled production that produced 1985’s Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, it looked for a while like Miller was finished with his apocalyptic road warrior. Then Miller decided there was more of the story to tell and started work on what would become Mad Max: Fury Road. Several delays stopped the film including budget problems, economic problems, weather problems, etc. It took so long to get Fury Road made, Miller actually had time to script out not one but three more Max films. With both the critical and financial success of Fury Road, Miller is assured another (albeit quicker) return to the screen.

FR’s Nick Whiteley applauded the unusual depth found within what many predicted would be a run-of-the-mill popcorn feature.

“It’s a film that has worlds within worlds of metal fury, explosions, and adrenaline in spray bottles of chrome nirvana, but the fireworks and engine-roaring, while spectacular, serve a very specific function, focusing the thematic power of the story-by-character into increasingly minute gestures.”

Read the full review here. We gave Mad Max:Fury Road a 10 out 10 easily making it one of our favorite films of the year.


Jeffrey Bricker is a freelance writer from the USA. His first cinema experience was watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark" which remains he favorite film of all time. He is an admitted cinephile who makes no apologies for his addiction. And for those still wondering, yes the token kept spinning and Cobb was stuck in his dream forever.