See the Full Movie Page Surprise Deadpool Screenings for Rabid Fans

Deadpool Screengrab3

Christmas may have come a little late for avid fans of Marvel’s anti-hero, Deadpool. However, there’s at least few who won’t be complaining anymore.

Fox studios surprised many rabid fans, who can’t wait to see the foul-mouthed assassin in action later this year, with a surprise to top all surprises — an early viewing of the completed film. Advertised a screening of new footage, fans were elated when told just before curtains opened that they would be seeing the complete film. Just to put a cherry on top of the superhero sundae, Deadpool himself (Ryan Reynolds) was on hand to meet and greet fans.




Filmmakers and studios alike may take note on how Fox has promoted their film so far. Led by Reynolds and director Tim Miller, the ground swell around Deadpool is very much a product of a “grassroots” style campaign. Much like thousands of political operatives are doing in Iowa and New Hampshire ahead of the presidential primaries, those responsible for the upcoming film have taken their campaign directly to avid fans. In addition to the recent surprise screening, fans have been frequently engaged via social media, the Internet, and other surprises in a film that Reynolds states has been made “for the fans.”

If Deadpool’s box office success can match its marketing success, more personal fan-friendly marketing (as opposed to generic mass marketing) may prove to be the wave of the future.

Deadpool is in theaters on February 12, 2016.


Jeffrey Bricker is a freelance writer from the USA. His first cinema experience was watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark" which remains he favorite film of all time. He is an admitted cinephile who makes no apologies for his addiction. And for those still wondering, yes the token kept spinning and Cobb was stuck in his dream forever.