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Ten Thousand Saints Trailer Sells Book’s Cultural Ennui

The married directing duo of Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer don't get anything like the attention they deserve, even when people fall for their films. Ten Thousand Saints may be the picture that finally gets their names on your radar.... more >

Snowden Teaser Has No Footage, Lots Of Hype

Snowden is the kind of film that was an obligatory effort as soon as the press first hit full stride.... more >

New Ant-Man Clip Gives First Trip To Tiny

Ant-Man is just around the corner, and while the semi-strange film about a "superhero" who can make himself very small... more >

Secret In Their Eyes Trailer Sends Julia Roberts Down Horrible Rabbit Hole

Secret in Their Eyes, which hits on October 23rd, is a film that perhaps overplays an emotional hammer as a... more >