It’s Complicated

itscomplicatedposterFilm: It’s Complicated
Star Cast: Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Lake Bell, John Krasinski, Rita Wilson, Mary Kay Place, Alexandra Wentworth, Hunter Parrish
Photography: John Toll
Music: Hans Zimmer, Heitor Pereira
Editor: Joe Hutshing, David Moritz
Director: Nancy Meyers
Producer: Nancy Meyers, Scott Rudin
Release: Universal Pictures
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Duration: 2 hours
Rating: 3/5

In a mood for watching some mature romance with some tangy yet sweet and touching taste, then It’s Complicated should be there on your list. Directed by Nancy Meyers, the movie is all about love, marriage, divorce and everything in between all of this. The director has tried to transform a divorced couple into a romantic couple, signifying a faith in love persevering even after the marriage dies off.

The movie moves around a typical middle aged woman, who is proud of her hormones and does not see herself in midst of the dating game as a dust-laden aged intransigent Jane (Meryl Streep), is the mother of 3 grown up kids and has taken over 10 years of time to get over her divorce with her husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), who leaves her for a younger woman. But then, one chance of meeting her ex, on her son’s college graduation, sets off all the old currents into action. Just one innocuous meal together swings them off into an unimaginable love affair. Jake is remarried to Agness (Lake Bell), the young girl and Jane is now the other woman. Things do not end here, Adam (Steve Martin) is caught up in the middle of the renewed romance of Jane and Jake, who in turn loves Jane and the things start becoming complicated while the duo start to enjoy the joy that was left behind around a decade ago.

There is a witty chemistry between Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and this keeps the audiences pampered with some meek cuddles and little pot smolders throughout the movie. Surely, there is something about Meryl Streep that makes her one of the Hollywood’s must-see Diva. Definitely she was perfect with her roles in Mama Mia and Julie and Julia, and truly carries off her success in her role in It’s Complicated. Yes, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were also the apt companions for her. Though, both the male characters are full of beans, the director has used a woman’s perspective to narrate the story.

Though, the movie is not that complicated as its title suggests, it turns out to be a worth watch this weekend.

Julie and Julia

2Film: Julie and Julia
Star Cast: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci, Chris Messina, Linda Emond
Screenwriter: Nora Ephron
Writers: Nora Ephron, Julie Powell (book)
Composer: Alexandre Desplat
Editor: Richard Marks
Director: Nora Ephron
Producer: Nora Ephron, Laurence Mark, Amy Robinson, Eric Steel
Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 2 hrs 3 mins
Rating: 3/5

A complete entertainer that reverberates the cadence and mind-set of classic Hollywood films, Julie and Julia is an enjoyable throwback to all the old fantasies watched years back. Based on two different books, the story is all about two women trying to find out something that is worth their involvement and end up finding out that it is cooking that completes them, making them enjoy their living.

Directed by Nora Ephron, the movie skillfully blends two different stories narrated by two different books that are linked by same theme and subject. The first one is related to Julia’s child’s (Meryl Streep) My Life in France, a book written by a well-known cook, teacher and writer who has done her Masters in French Cooking and is also associated with The French Chef television show that drastically changed the American culinary landscape. The second book is written by Julie Powell, featured on her self quest in cooking all the 524 recipes of Child’s book made for “the servant less American cook”.

Both the stories are tales of sisters, so to say, who are doing everything for themselves, though both of them have successful, trustworthy and encouraging husbands (Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina). Also, it’s an exceptional Hollywood movie featuring men as supporting characters, instead of the women.

The comic-dramatic role of Julia Child was extremely well acted by Meryl Streep. The best part was that she was simple and easy going with her character. Amy Adams as Julie Powell has also given her best throughout the movie. Ephron’s unflustered writing and directing gets its smooth pace with Richard Marks’ soft editing, Ann Roth’s costumes and Mark Ricker’s production design. Also, Stephen Goldblatt has cinematographed Paris fantastically as a rosy glow of re-created fantasy and also making not much imposing Meryl Streep as tall as 6.2 feet.

Sneak Peek : Fantastic Mr.Fox

fantastic-mrfoxKiddies are gone have more fun as they glue their eyes to the comp to watch the first trailer of Fantastic Mr.Fox an animation movie based on a children’s book written by Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl has previously authored the book, ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ that has broken many records all around the world and the movie version is still a hit among children as well as adults. The voice overs for Fantastic Mr.Fox have been given by George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett and Jason Schwartzman.
Story: Mr. & Mrs. Fox are leading a perfect life with their son Ash and nephew Kristopherson. But after 12 years, his wild instincts start showing up as he gets bored of his idyllic ways. He returns back to his cunning self of a devious chicken thief thereby endangering his family and colleagues. His neighbor farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean are all ready to trap him at any cost and it’s up to Mr. Fox and his friends, who are trapped underground, to fight against them and save themselves.