Sigourney Weaver


Avatar truly marks the coming age of 3-D cinema with its pure technology, special effects, beautiful finesse, aesthete, shock, fearfulness and eye for detail. The idea of James Cameron to create a whole new world with creatures, flora and fauna flying across the screen is something that actually leaves the audiences in an awe of the bumping up creativity inside the computer.

Avatar – Trailer

‘Avatar’ an upcoming sci-fi action adventure film directed by James Cameron, will finally open to international audiences on December 18, 2009. Produced-Directed by the man who sweeped the box office and Oscars in 1997 with his Leonardo di Caprio starrer ‘Titanic’, James Cameron will reinvent himself with the ‘Avatar’ a 3-D science fiction film made […]

Double comedy lures Sigourney Weaver

Looks like Sigourney Weaver is getting attracted more towards comedy roles now that she has signed Disney’s next “You Again”. While this piece of news is confirmed she is also in talks with Universal for Greg Mottola directed “Paul”; again a comedy. This comedy cellar of Weaver when opened can be a pleasant surprise for […]